Tech Talk: Suzuki GSX-R1000 Stock to Brock: "Hey Brock...What About MY Bike?"

“Hey Brock, love your 2017 GSX-R1000 ‘Gixzilla’ series, but how about doing the same thing to **MY** bike?” If I had a nickel for every time… Of course, all machines are “different” in their own way, and these differences are special to us as owners. However, mechanically, every bike we feature starts with a simple concept from German engineer Nikolaus Otto and his patent of the first internal combustion four-stroke engine. We know it as an Otto Cycle – Google it, and you will find mounds of information on the First Law of Thermodynamics and other associated engineering speak (ewww.) Well, you know how we do it around here; in its purest form we are talking about the 4 cycles of an internal combustion engine: SUCK-SQUEEZE-BANG-BLOW! (intake-compression-power-exhaust,) and if your bike uses gasoline for power (without the need to add oil to the gas,) your engine experiences these 4 cycles, very quickly, the entire time it’s running. THIS MEANS YOU -all of you- every pump gas fueled four-stroke engine from your lawnmower to your #stupidfast two-wheeled pride and joy. Now that we have established that we are all basically the same (barring particular vehicle idiosyncrasies, of course,) please use our past Brock’s Performance video history to search the fine details. We always include a video timeline in the long description for those who prefer a quicker search. This video is designed to help you understand the basics, as well as the end result which is a much faster bike and a very happy owner. You will only need about a ¼ tub of popcorn for this one – please enjoy: Tech Talk: Suzuki GSX-R1000 Stock to Brock: "Hey Brock...What About MY Bike?" 0:10 – Video Introduction, check engine lights, bike slow, etc… 1:00 – Bypassing the excruciating detail (see our Gixzilla series for more detailed info) 1:15 – What we’re doing to ‘this bike’ applies to all bikes 1:55 – Base run (chart) that got us into this mess (161 hp) 2:30 – Checking 6th gear rear wheel speed on dyno (162 mph) 3:23 – Checking into codes and inspecting the bike 3:40 – Removing airbox to discover filthy OEM air filter 4:05 – Base run (chart) with airbox removed (163hp – larger gain in middle) 4:45 – Identifying code – C28 (Secondary throttle valves) 5:10 – Base run (chart) with code removed (169hp) 5:40 – Inspecting air-fuel ratio of 11.4 to 1 (way too rich) 6:10 – Wynn’s Power Charge fuel system cleanse explanation 6:35 – How did we know what code it was throwing (fancy tools of course…) 7:28 – Mixing the Power Charge with 2 gallons of mystery fuel 8:24 – Endoscope before cleanse w/ Power Charge 8:32 – Why choose Wynn’s over a product from an auto parts store 9:08 – Ride footage working the Power Charge through the system 9:28 – Improved air fuel ratio visible 9:50 – Showing current operation of secondary throttle plates 10:02 – Dyno pull after fuel system cleanse (172hp) 10:45 – 172hp dyno chart review (huge torque gains!) 11:40 – After checking with endoscope we opt for a longer ride for additional cleansing 12:13 – Endoscope after additional cleansing 12:40 – Monitoring throttle plate behavior to confirm changes 12:56 – “I see dust and debris in my airbox, is this normal?” 13:10 – Visible dust shown passed through OEM paper filter 14:17 – Live view of endoscope checking pistons 14:40 – Showing new throttle blade behavior and fuel spray pattern 15:55 - Streamlining the video (skipping to the end) what we changed 16:18 – Mapped using tuning link and ECU fuel map created 16:39 – Where we left of vs. where we ended up chart review 17:30 – Dyno chart using MR12 race fuel (182hp) 17:55 – 182hp nearly comparable to current models 18:19 – “What about MY bike” wrap-up discussion 18:48 – Brock takes a test ride while vlogging the results 20:44 – Customer arrives to pick up his ‘cured’ motorcycle 21:15 – Customer reaction after first ride! Stock to Brock package for the 2012-15 GSX-R1000 with before/after Dyno charts: Visit the ALL NEW – for additional information