How To Install Iron Balusters

Welcome to another Stair Supplies installation video! We'll be showing you, form start to finish, the COMPLETE installation process for Iron Balusters! To make sure you don't miss any upcoming installation or instructional videos, as well as ANY other content coming out, make sure you hit the SUBSCRIBE button, as well as turning on notifications! INTRO (00:00) (1:00) STEP 1: Remove Existing Railing (1:30) STEP 2: Remove Existing Handrail (2:05) STEP 3: Install New Handrail (2:32) STEP 4: Lay Out Your Balusters (2:52) STEP 5: Measure Your Mounting Holes (3:31) Step 6: Pre-Drill Your Mounting Holes (4:18) Step 7: Cut Your Balusters (5:02) Step 8: Prepare Your Balusters for Installation (5:32) Step 9: Install Your Balusters (6:34) Step 10: Fasten Your Shoes