SECRETLAB TITAN 2020 Series COMPLETE REVIEW: Is The Upgrade Worth It?

An honest review of the 2020 Secretlab Titan Softweave gaming chair where I'll cover the unboxing and overall experience with the Titan chair. More info below in Full Description: Secretlab TITAN Softweave Chair: Committing to buy was difficult; first you need to choose the Titan or Omega model and then decide on either the PU leather or softweave material. Finally, after all that research I started to question Secretlabs marketing strategy, making the decision to buy even harder! More info in the description and video. PART 2 - 9 MONTHS LATER REVIEW LIKE & SUBSCRIBE - If you enjoyed the video please support the channel! PRODUCT: Secretlab Titan Softweave Chair - Cookies & Cream colour: Timeline Skips: 0:00 - Secretlab Titan Softweave B-Roll Intro Video. 0:34 - Introduction. 1:40 - Unboxing 4:11 - Comparison - My previous gaming / race car chairs and experience with PU leather 6:17 - Impressions on Secretlab Chair 7:12 - Sound test between Secretlab and cheaper gaming / car chairs. 8:15 - All day comfort and what I enjoy with the Titan. 8:52 - Lumbar Support. 9:13 - Softweave Material and why I chose the fabric over PU Leather option. 10:46 - Is static electricity a problem? 11:10 - Is the Softweave material soft or hard? (Cookies & Cream colour) 11:37 - Is the chair pet hair friendly? 12:00 - Magnetic Covers are awesome. 12:36 - Titan vs Omega models, at 6 foot tall. 14:40 - Secretlab’s marketing strategy - I was a skeptic. 16:41 - Bad experiences with the Titan chair. 17:04 - How hard is the foam? 17:50 - Metal armrest buttons. 18:21 - Postage delivery problem. 18:52 - Why I prefer calling them race car chairs. 19:46 - Conclusion Written Summary: Overall, deciding to hit the purchase button for a Secretlab Titan was a really difficult decision, I personally found their all their marketing tricks and tactics overwhelmingly positive and I went into this purchase thinking likely the chair would not live up to expectations. Some of my tough choices included choosing the softweave fabric or PU leather options, and also deciding to pick the Titan model over the Omega. The good news, is at least compared to the chairs I owned previously (featured in the video) that the Secretlab chair is significantly better than any other office chair I’ve owned. The premium experience starts from the unboxing, assembly and the way until your first sit on the chair. It’s strong, sturdy, quiet and overall superior to the (cheaper) chairs I’m comparing it to. From my experience too, it's been good at resisting pet hair (dog) and I have not experienced any static electricity issues while using it. Is this the best chair out there? Who knows, I think it really does depend on your previous chairs, background and what you’re looking for. But, all I can say is that yes I would certainly recommend this chair. I went into my purchase a skeptic and came out a convert. I hope you enjoy the video and found it helpful. Camera's Used: Sony A7R III Sony 24-105mm f4 lens Sony 20mm f1.8 lens Music: Youtube Audio Library Hashtags: #Secretlab #Secretlabtitan #SecretlabOmega #Softweave #Gamingchair #RaceCarOfficeChair #SecretlabReview #SecretlabTitanReview #review #unboxing #secretlabunboxing Disclaimer: This video is not sponsored. 6 months AFTER publishing this video I was invited to join the Secretlab affiliate program. By clicking the link above I may earn a small commission for purchases made from Secretlab. Cheers! Ben Cad