Manual tool for splitting tire

Restoring a dead old liquid acid battery which works like new battery after this restoration. This technique of a battery repair is widely used in different parts of the world. ***************************** ➤For Licensing, business inquiries or brand promotion: ➛Direct Messages: ➛Email: ****************************** Become a supporter to get access to exclusive deals, discounts, behind-the-scenes and members only live stream: Become a supporter on YouTube: Become a supporter on Facebook: ******************************* Join my Telegram channel: ➛ ************************* ➤Camera I Use: ****************************** ➤Follow Me On Facebook: ➤Follow Me On Instagram: ➤Follow Me On TiTok: ➤Follow me on Twitter: ➤Subscribe to Wow Things: ******************************* ➤My Other YouTube Channels: ------------------------------------------------- ➤Subscribe to "@Project 03": ➤Subscribe to "@Project 04": ******************************* Thank you for your support and love.